The Escarpment Renewables Anaerobic Digestion Facility is a waste to energy facility that receives and transforms on farm and commercial organics to a reusable high energy product that is applied to our local crops. The organic decomposition process captures the natural gasses produced by the activity of the micro-organisms which is captured and burned through a 1 Megawatt Combined Heat and Power Generator, producing electricity.  This electricity is fed into the Ontario electrical grid under the provincial renewable feed-in tariff program, the equivalent to powering 830 Canadian homes per year with clean renewable electricity.

The bi-product of this process creates a liquid digestate which is land applied on local farms as an alternative to commercial fertilizers to enhance the nutrient values. Escarpment Renewables is committed to striving towards Canada’s Circular Economy. A model that keeps resources in use and to extract maximum value before end of service life.